Evil Dolch Cables


In Collaboration with S3LQ, We offer you GMK Evil Dolch Cables which goes along with GMK Evil Dolch nicely and will ensure it's quality and looks. 

Terms & Condition 
GB run: 22nd July - 28th August 
Estimate Shipment Date: 3 - 5 Months after GB Ends 
This Product is Group Buy item 
Cancellation will Only available within 48 hrs after purchase 
Address can be change anytime before we ship the cable, just contact us. 


Proxy for GMK Evil Dolch 

US - Kono.store

Canada - Auramech.com

EU - Mykeyboard.eu

Asia - Kbdfans.com

OCE - Dailyclack.com

Norway - Mekanisktastatur.no


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