Hello everyone, Alfred here announcing to you regarding updates of the Swift65 Production. 

First of all, I would like to start with saying Thank you so much for all the supporter of the Swift65 group buy. I am truly blessed to have so much supporter for my passion. 

As of 5.18.2022 

Currently the production is going fairly strong, There were some minor Covid-19 delays within China causing the production to be halted for a few weeks but we are back running for about 2 weeks now. 

Swift65 Group buy order shipping date has been changed to End of July 2022, Pre-order units along with upcoming extra pre-order units sales pushed to End of August 2022. 

Parts machined

All plates for Group buy and Pre-order + extras units has been machined and currently being surface treated which should be done by the time you are reading this. 

The weight should be finishing up closely to the plate 

Minor flaws spotted during production of the bottom case

As the title say, We spotted a minor machining flaws on the bottom case forcing us to remake all the parts for bottom case + minor adjustment to the design which i can confidently say that will not cause any changes to the acoustic and sensation of the typing. 

Changes in surface treatment company

Meanwhile our manufacturer are more than capable of doing surfacing treatment, Electrophoresis coating and anodization.

We consulted with our currently manufacturer and they agreed that outsourcing to another well recognized surface treatment manufacturer are more than welcome. We are not able to disclose the new surface treatment firm but we can assure that they are very well experienced and had been doing mass surface treatment for many group buys before. 

I am confident that the quality of the finishes on all cases will be greater with better quality control on their ends. 

Please note that all Swift65 order will be quality control by Alfred and his team again for any flaws. 

Closing thoughts, These changes are very nerve-racking to me personally because as stated that the Swift65 will be ships out at the end of June.

I never wish for anything like this would happen but future is unpredictable. We just need to accept it and wish for the best while trying your very best.


It's clearly unfortunate but I've been closely in contact with the manufacturer in regards to the latest update.

I can personally assure you that your order will receive a better quality of surface finishes than before with this change. 

Swiftcables discord will be where you can get in touch with me personally by pinging me along with email inquiry. 

Any question of inquiry please use contact us.